What You’ll Get

Unique Tactics

We’re operators and will be regularly sharing the tactics we’re using to grow our businesses

Business Frameworks

Sometimes you need to understand before you can do it. You’ll get a framework to help you think about business weekly.

Podcast Summaries

We’re listening to podcasts all the time, sometimes new sometimes old. When we hear anything worth repeating we’ll be sharing with you in our letter.

Founder Interviews

A rising tide lifts all boats. We’ll be going behind the scenes with founders on the same journey as you. The more we share the better we all do.

All Original

Every word in our letter is written by us. No copy-pasta here. Yes, not many ideas are original but the way we share them will be. We try our best to keep it simple and conversational.

Interesting News

We spend a lot of time trying to keep up with Startups, Web 3, Economics, Venture Capital & more. We’ll be sharing anything interesting we find in our weekly letter.