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How To Find Your Dream 100 Sources Of Online Traffic

The most commoditised resource today is attention. Understanding where your customer is spending their attention will help you define your marketing, strategy, branding, competitors, customer acquisition and almost everything else in between. Thankfully we’ve got the Dream 100 to show you how but first let’s look at the average online consumer.

The average consumer has 3.64 connected devices a computer, tablet, smartphone and if you’re really time conscious, a smartwatch. These devices allow the average office worker to receive 121 emails per day46 social media notifications and 94 text messages and this is old data, we can only assume this has increased and is likely analogous for the rest of the working and non-working world. If we have 420 minutes (I’ve included breaks) in our working day that equates to some form of distraction hitting us every 1.6 minutes. When we’re competing with this much noise you’re going to want to understand who has the largest share of your customers attention.

To do this we’re borrowing from one of the O.G’s of marketing Chet Holmes and then subsequently one of our current greats Russell Brunson. In a bastardised version of Brunsons and Holmes work, I’ve created a method that we’ve used for over a hundred of our clients at K&J Growth including TikTok and the New Zealand government to define and find where your customer lives.

Lastly, this clip is visual and is going to hold your hand as I walk you through how we’ve built another as of the time of writing a 7-figure company that I’m an owner of called Rugby Bricks and the tools we’ve used to gain a foothold on the attention of rugby players all around the globe. This is our version of finding your own dream list of places where your customers are hiding online.



Here are the resources mentioned inside of this video

1. Dream 100 – Customer Template Select > File > Make A Copy to edit your own template

2. The SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

3. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

If you’re exploring, updating or experimenting with any of the links provided and think they’re an improvement on what we’ve built please throw them in the comments or message us directly and we’ll update the article.

Best of luck finding the nooks and crannies of your customer’s hiding places and keep up us updated on your journey in the comments.

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