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How To Get Free PR That Gives You Or Your Business That “Added Trust Factor”

Early on in my career, I was trying to gain as much credibility as possible to support the start of my first company K&J Growth. The fastest way to gain credibility in my eyes was to be seen in as many publications as other famous businesses were seen. I wanted to be in all of the prestigious business outlets: 

 •  Forbes
 •  Huffington Post 
 •  Inc. 
 •  Fast Company 
 •  Entrepreneur 

The issue was that I was a nobody, I was just another consultant on the hunt for clients like everyone else and as a result, all of the prestigious outlets didn’t want my writing. 

The reason those outlets have such a good name is because of the quality of the content they produce. Not anyone can write for Forbes and not any company can get featured in Forbes which is why they didn’t want to hear from me.

Going back to the drawing board I realised two things: 

1. PR outlets are a way to impress people because by being in those outlets you’re using their brand trust which makes your life easier when selling 

2. If PR is simply a way to alter people’s perceptions of you and your company what are PR outlets that still have a good name but will let me write content for them without too many barriers so I can paste those onto my site until I get the really big-name publications

This article is going to outline for you how to get an impressive media outlet banner on your website (like the one below) so that when people land on your website they’re more inclined to trust you and hopefully buy from you. 

Here is the script you can use to pitch editors for the outlets I’ve listed with editors email addresses: 

“Hey (editor first name), 

How are you? 

I’ve been following the content at (publication) for the last few months and love what you do. I’ve written a piece (insert title) that I think would be perfect for your audience and is based around the themes that I’ve found in your other best performing content pieces (read this article to learn how to find this). 

If it’s possible I’d love to send over a draft for you to check out.



1. BossBabe

I was a former editor at BossBabe. BossBabe is one of the biggest online female empowerment brands on the planet and they’re always looking for content. You can write about health, business, live, love, productivity and everything in between. 

To write for them send an email to with the subject “I’ve Got A Blog That’s Based On Your Best Performing Content That I’d Love To Publish”

2. Thrive Global

 Thrive Global is a media outlet run by Arianna Huffington who initially created the Huffington Post. Thrive Global’s mission statement is to improve people’s mental resilience, health, and productivity. 

If you’re looking to get into this publication simply follow the link here to sign up and submit:

3. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the world’s leading independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally through you guessed it, content. 

Essentially this is another place that you can publish your content and then when it is published take the BuzzFeed logo and place it as a banner on your website. To sign up follow this link: and for more details read the community section here:

4. Medium 

Medium has become more of a serious platform for publishing great content of any kind – the only goal here is not to promote your business but simply write about your own thought leadership pieces. 

To submit to Medium follow this link:

Now that you’ve got the free publications outlined above all you have to do is actually write something (the hard part). I’ve written an article on how I choose my topics based on research and how to develop ones writing abilities here.

Got any other PR hacks? Drop them in the comments and if they’re great we’ll add them to this article and create an outbound link to the.

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