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What’s Working In The Real World – Week of 18/04/22

This article is a weekly summary of the digital marketing we’re doing as an agency (K&J Growth) for our clients. It also includes other organic initiatives that are working for my other company, Rugby Bricks. I’ll share my top two tips from the week and the one thing that we’ve found isn’t working. Let’s dive in: 

Last week, we produced 162 pieces of organic content and spent $42,876 on paid ads. Here are some highlights that have crossed over from Rugby Bricks and our paid spend on the K&J side:

1. TikTok Organic Content – 4 x Pieces a Day

Rugby Bricks is an e-commerce brand that sells rugby kicking tees and training programs. We ran an Easter sale where we generated $37.045.16 in the 7 day period but our largest source of direct traffic that we found came from Linktree. The largest volume of organic clicks came from TikTok link tree links that we tracked via UTM’s. In the 7 day period on TikTok we had:


– 53,617 engagements


Here’s why we think this is working:

a) The frequency of posting has essentially given us more shots at goal to find the pieces of content that are likely to gather more views. With each video, we get a new data point and we can then create or share more content that matches the best performing content

b) Each of our videos has a colour gradient surrounding them.

Rugby Bricks TIkTok

The reason we do this is that content is ubiquitous on TikTok and so easy to scroll through. By adding this colour banner we want people to recognise this is a Rugby Bricks video so they know it’s our brand they’re engaging with.

c) We’re now at a point where we have over 31 K+ customers worldwide. Our best performing content on TikTok is User Generated Content (UGC) by schoolboy kickers. The reason this works is that the largest demographic on TikTok is 13 – 18. People connect with people that look like them.

2. Lifetime Budgets on Facebook When Doing Flash Sales

I don’t think this is too unique but it is one we’ve seen multiple clients make errors with. When setting up your ad campaigns with a window of fewer than 72 hours Facebook will not enough have time or budget to do the appropriate learning it needs to optimise a campaign. So here is the targeting we set up: 

a) Create an audience that has anyone who has engaged with your page in the last 30 days, watched 90% or more of your videos and exclude all current buyers

b) Set up the campaign for conversions

c) Run an ad that promotes the offer using the face of your brand (here is our creative)

We ended up running a budget of $300 in a 48 hour period and averaged a 3.58 ROAS with a CPC of $0.14 – our industry standard for sporting goods sits at $0.21. So we had a 33% reduction in CPC and 3.5 x on each dollar we spent on ads.  

Previously when I’ve run campaigns for flash sales I’ve started them at a low budget for a week prior and then let Facebook do its magic but when you’re doing a sale it’s better to dump a lifetime budget, optimise for conversions and target those who are already really interested from your product.

3. What Hasn’t Been Working

We decided to use paid Facebook groups to test our SaaS beta. Here is where this fell down:

– The signup process outside of the Facebook app was horrific – we had over 40+ complaints from people who said that our links broke and that people couldn’t sign up

– We couldn’t track anything. I knew this would be an issue but Facebook paid groups offers no supporting analytics

– Paid ads didn’t work inside of messenger and would send people to Facebook but not to the actual group

Next time around instead of taking a short cut we’ll just set up a landing page and a Thinkific course to test our product.

If you enjoyed this article let us know in the comments as we’ll keep producing this on a weekly basis – these digital marketing tactics won’t work forever so use them on your clients and test in your own businesses.

Lastly, if there are other tips of things you think that run counted to what I’ve shared also let me know we’re always keen to test and learn.

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